Teravan Standard Extender for Larger Toilet Paper Rolls

  • $13.80

Now you can fit those huge rolls of toilet paper into the older style holders with this clever extension.

  • 🚽 A WORTHY INVESTMENT - Our toilet paper holder extender allows your regular sized holders to have the capability to hold larger tissue rolls. This saves you multiple grocery trips and storage.
  • 🚽 BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME - The tissue holder extender is made from premium quality high grade hard plastic. It's lightweight but tough and sturdy. Expertly crafted to deliver on functionality.
  • 🚽 DECORATIVE & STYLISH - The modern minimalist design and color variation of our extenders complement any interior bathroom decor. Comes in simple white or classy silver.
  • 🚽 QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION - No special tools or equipment needed in mounting our extended tissue holder spindle. Simply take out your current spool and replace it with our roll extender.

  • 🚽 LOW MAINTENANCE - Our large paper roll dispenser spool has a smooth finish to prevent stains from latching onto the spindle. Simply wash with soap and water or wipe with a damp cloth to prolong life.


Are larger toilet paper rolls too big for your old outdated holders? Most tissue manufacturers are now going for larger tissue paper rolls to give you better value for your money. However, this has caused problems in the bathroom. Many still use small, outdated toilet paper holders not built to fit oversized rolls. Recessed toilet paper holders can fit jumbo-sized rolls perfectly, but can’t dispense tissue properly. You would end up wasting a good amount of tissue before it even starts to distribute evenly. No need for bathroom renovations with the Teravan Standard Extender for Larger Toilet Paper Rolls! You can now have the full functionality of your standard toilet paper holder without having to completely replace it. Simply substitute your old spools or spindles with our innovative toilet paper roll extender to reap the benefits of larger tissue rolls. The extender comes with a standard fixed and spring loaded model variation to suit your toilet paper holder needs. Made with industrial grade hard plastic and built with superior craftsmanship. No burrs or sharp edges and finished with a smooth ceramic white or chrome-polished surface. We aim to make your life easier by providing you with cost-effective bathroom accessories without compromising style and elegance.

Check out other benefits of our standard extender for larger toilet paper rolls:

🚻 Lock, turn, tear: Installation is as easy as use

🚻 The original toilet paper roll extender. Patented design, unprecedented quality

🚻 Extends to 141 mm

Enjoy utility and aesthetics at the same time. Add the Teravan Standard Extender for Larger Toilet Paper Rolls to your cart TODAY!



 For an alternate solution, see the Teravan Fixed Extender: