Guttermaster Product Tips

Here are some tips and additional information to help you get the most out of your Guttermaster purchase.  Questions or comments?  We would love to hear from you at

What are the Different Guttermaster Products? 

Currently there are 3 poles available:

Guttermaster Classic Curved - a 6 foot pole that extends up to 12 feet and has a curved end with a pressure reducing tip for cleaning out gutters
Guttermaster Classic Straight - a 6 foot pole that extends up to 12 feet and has a straight end threaded tip for adding a variety of brushes and other accessories
Guttermaster Classic Mini - a 3 foot pole that extends up to 6 feet and has a straight end threaded tip for adding a variety of brushes and other accessories


Does the Guttermaster Pole Come With Any Accessories?

No accessories are needed for the product.  The end of the pole has a built in metal high pressure pressure nozzle that provides extra force to push leaves and other debris out of the way.  Optional accessories like brushes can be attached to the end for other cleaning purposes, and so there are some bundles available that include an optional brush.

How Much Water Pressure Will It Have?

The amount of pressure generated depends on the amount of pressure that is available from the supply hose.  A standard household tap and quality hose will provide plenty of pressure

Can I Adjust the Water Pressure To Be Low Enough to Water Plants?

The hose connection adapter has a flow control valve built in.  You can vary the flow from fully off to fully on, and you can turn the valve on slightly for times when you just need a little bit of water.

How High Does It Reach?

The Guttermaster Classic Curved pole is about 6 feet long when fully compressed and extends to about 12 feet when fully extended.  Combined with your body height this is enough to reach most second story gutters.

Why Is the Tip Threaded?

The standard ACME  thread allows a variety of accessories to be installed on the end.  Commonly these are brushes that are used to clean high reach areas like windows, siding, vehicles, etc.

How do I make sure it is connected properly and doesn’t leak?

First, take a look at the shutoff section of the pole.  This is the area where the hose connects to. This is a threaded part and can be removed from the pole.  Make sure that this shutoff section is securely threaded into the pole. If it is not tight water can leak from the connection.  It does not have to be overly tight, just snug. 

Second, make sure that there is a washer at the end where the hose connects.  The included washer may be installed already or attached to the pole. This standard size washer should be readily available locally, or you can contact the seller/manufacturer for a replacement.  Connect the hose to the threaded end and make sure it is snug as well.

Is It Difficult To Handle?

The high pressure nozzle can push the water out with quite a bit of force.  Also, when fully extended the weight of the water in the pole is noticeable.  When using the pole, make sure that you turn the flow control on gradually so it is easy to control.  Also, you may want to start with the pole in the compressed position initially to get a feel for it.

How Heavy is the Pole?

The actual weight of the pole is only a few pounds, but when filled with water the total weight will increase substantially.  Especially with a longer pole, it is recommended to retract the pole when still in a vertical position to reduce the total weight and maintain control.

What is the Best Way To Use This To Clean My Gutters?


For best results, we recommend cleaning small sections of gutters at one time.  Start at the downspout. Point nozzle directly down into the downspout opening to ensure there are no clogs and ensure water is flowing. Turn the water on once the nozzle is aimed and in place, using the convenient handle control.  Stand back to one side and not directly under the gutter to avoid splash back. If downspout is clogged, you may have to disassemble the downspout to clear the blockage. Once clear, proceed to step 2.


With the Guttermaster pole shut off, move back from the downspout 2-3’. Stand facing in the direction of the downspout, holding the pole at a 10-15 degree angle. Ensure you aim the spray head down and along the path of the gutter.  Turn on the water flow, and walk slowly towards the downspout, with the water spraying in front of you, to clear this small section. If need be, point the nozzle directly downward into the downspout opening once you reach the end to fully clear the debris. Shut the unit off. Move back along the gutter another 2-3’, and repeat these simple steps until you have cleaned the entire length of the gutter.

Note: if the gutter has been neglected for some time and is extremely full of large twigs and fresh leaves, you may need to use the tip of the Guttermaster to try to flip the large pieces over the edge of the gutter. Best results will occur with regular maintenance of your gutters. The lesser the debris build up, the quicker the cleaning time.

Do not ‘pull’ the hose using the Guttermaster pole. It is recommended to leave slack in the hose while using your Guttermaster. To move to another area, pull the hose with one hand, while holding the Guttermaster in the other hand.

Any Tips For Using Accessories With The Pole?

Cleaning brushes or other accessories – Do Not Over tighten brush head as it may cause the nozzle to break. If you need to realign the brush head, turn the brush head counterclockwise and back it off until desired position is achieved.

The Guttermaster has been designed to increase the effective water pressure from your home, with the use of a reduced diameter nozzle. The water flow may be quite strong. To clean other surfaces like walls, windows, and vehicles it is recommended to start with the unit turned off. Stand back from the surface, and using the handle trigger, soak the surface with quick blasts of water to loosen and soak the dirt. Turn the unit off. Now use the brush head to agitate the surface to further loosen the remaining dirt. Stand back once again, turn the water on and spray away the remaining dirt. Do not stand directly under the brush head while cleaning. Stand back and off to one side. This method of cleaning will help avoid inadvertent water splash on the user.