Sorbo Cobra Channel 40° W/ PLUGS

Sorbo Cobra Channel 40° W/ PLUGS

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Sorbo Cobra Channel with Plugs


Sörbo Cobra 40 degree with End Plugs Squeegees is adjustable with 4 settings, which makes it possible to reduce firmness when cleaning windows as high as a 45ft / 13 meters building. 

It also angles conform to vinyl trim around glass.  The grooved design of the channel allows you to adjust blade stiffness and to squeegee with minimum pressure.

Sörbo squeegee channels are extruded high quality aluminum alloy. As a result, they're extraordinarily rigid and strong, but lightweight, allowing them to be manufactured in lengths previously impossible. Because of their rigidity, they apply even pressure from end to end, assuring streak free windows.

The squeegee rubber is secured with one interior and one exterior end clip. The interior clip is incorporated in the same end, left side, as the Sörbo 3x4 Logo. Replacement rubber is inserted from the opposite side.  Inserting rubber into outer grooves gives a softer squeegee for larger windows.