Scotty Peelers - Use and Care Guide

Scotty Peelers – heard of them?  These are some really useful tools for a wide variety of tasks.  Of course you have noticed how useful fingernails are.  Scraping, catching tiny edges, smoothing, prying open – but particularly on repetitive tasks our fingernails let us know that they are working too hard.

You can see this set at the following link (links for US and Canadian Sites): Scotty Peelers Ultimate Set Scotty Peelers Ultimate Set

Scotty peelers do a great job at fingernail type tasks.  For example:

  1. Removing labels.  You will see them recommended by a lot of people selling online (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) because they are great for taking off labels.  If you have a lot of boxes with retail stickers this will really help get them off without damaging the product box.  Sometimes a heat gun or adhesive remover like goo gone is used on tough adhesives.  Great for removing price tags from gifts.  Many hospitals and healthcare facilities, including medical equipment leasing centers, use the metal peeler (the SP-2) to remove labels from equipment and medical supplies.
  2. Prying open plastic cases.  You need a thin but strong edge that won’t damage the surface.  Scotty peelers are great for this.
  3. Cleaning jobs.  Stickers on windows can be really tough to get off.  Scotty peelers are great because they have a good edge and are flat with a wide surface for lifting up the unwanted material.  Similarly I have used them for cleaning off sticky residue of window frames and they were great.

Scotty Peelers are a quality American-made product at a great price.  They have a non-stick finish and an ergonomic design.

Answers to a few commonly asked questions:

What is the difference between the metal and plastic versions?

The plastic version (SPN-1) is the original version and is for removing labels off of paper or other soft surfaces.  It’s non-stick surface peels labels away easily without damaging the surface.

The metal version (SP-2) has a three sided sharp metal blade made of surgical grade stainless steel and is for removing sticky labels off of hard surfaces.  Good for metal and glass.

You will have to do a bit of experimentation to see which is best for you.  There are lots of combo sets available that include both types so you can get a feel for them.


Why are there different colours of the plastic version?

No difference in performance, just personal preference.


Are There Any Instructions for Using These?

These tools are quite intuitive, but you might want to start off by trying this basic method (same for both tools):

  • Hold the handle of the peeler in the palm of your hand with your index finger on the blade
  • Hold the blade flat to the surface with the label on it and with a forward pushing or side-to-side motion slide the blade under the label and remove it.


Any Maintenance Required?

The SPN-1 is plastic and so the edge will dull with use.  The SP-2 has a very sharp metal edge will last well.  If you get adhesive building up on the blade, clean with a solvent (eg Goo-Gone).  The sheath for the SP-2 contains a release agent which recoats the blade.  After the blade is cleaned insert it in the sheath for a new release coating.



Any other comments or questions about using these products?  Please contact us, we are happy to help.