Molift Etac Raiser

  • $1,795.00

The Etac Raiser sit to stand transfer platform is designed to provide active, safe transfer of the user and at the same time the best possible ergonomically conditions for the caregiver.

The Etac Raiser sit to stand transfer platform makes it fast and easy to prepare a transfer. The unique leg support is easily adjusted with a one-hand operation.

The foot brake locks both sides whether you choose the left or right one. The platform design allows it to be rolled in close to the feet of the user. The foot plate has a fine-grain surface with anti-slip capability.

The Etac Raiser offers a safe and comfortable transfer. The padding in the leg support improves stability and the handle offers many grip possibilities. These features enable the user to feel safe throughout the entire transfer. The Etac Raiser is stable and has a tight turning radius which makes it easy to maneuver.

Etac Etac Raiser is developed for short distance transfers, to/from bed/wheelchair/toilet and shower chair. 

The Etac Raiser enables patient’s functional capacity to be trained in a standing mode; The Etac Raiser can be used for early mobilization of patients.

The product can also be used for adjustment of a seating position for example, further back in the wheelchair. The unique accessories create conditions for different users to use the product.

The Brackets for Safety Straps(2) are now included in the latest version of the Etac Raiser.