6 inch (150mm) Triumph MK3 Scraper with Double Edged Blade, Professional Glas...

  • $31.53

The double-edged 6-inch blade gives you eight times the scraping width as compared to most ordinary scrapers. The MK3 Straight model comes with the original and popular Triumph carbon steel blade, but can also easily be used with stainless steel blades. All blades are easy to change or rotate without use of a screwdriver or other tool. How to Scrape? Only scrape on wet glass. Adding soap helps even more, Only push a scraper. Never pull it back, Apply even pressure holding the blade flat against the glass, Approach edges slowly to avoid cutting caulk or damaging frames, Never scrape windows with film tint applied. The scraper will cut it and even lift if off the glass.


  • Part Number:15027
  • Item Weight:100 g
  • Product Dimensions:20 x 17.6 x 2.6 cm
  • Item model number:15027
  • Item Package Quantity:1


  • The sharp double-edge blade is securely held in the handles reinforced channel
  • Snap on the protective cover when the scraper is not in use. The cover comes with rubber squeegee.
  • The red color signals. "Attention! Sharp Blade."
  • The anti-slip ribs provide a secure hold.
  • Comes with Double-edged 6 inch carbon steel blade